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In conversation: Mr. Pankaj Kapoor, Founder, Park Nonwovens

16 Oct 2019

Speaking with Mr. Pankaj Kapoor on his journey in technical textiles & powering through this industry, the crossover between technical textiles and nonwovens and exhibiting at Techtextil India 2019


After a brief family business in textile, I joined a company in Libya, where for the first time I saw a nonwoven plant, manufacturing blankets from Intello machines in 1980. This was my initiation to the nonwoven industry. Then later on, I started my company separately from family, viz., Park Nonwovens Pvt. Ltd. where I started with the Chemical bonded Resinated Felt, Cured and Semi Cured for insulation in the automobile industry in 1998. The insulation was made of recycled jean cuttings and cotton and small quantities of synthetic fibers. This started our journey into Technical Textiles. Now we are having units at Panipat, Ghaziabad, Karnal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore and South Africa along with Pune manufacturing diverse technical products supplying textile based, polymer based and filter media to Maruti, Hyundai, Ford, KIA, Honda, MG Motors & Others. 


There was no technical information available on the Technical Textiles, even so much so, some people were not even able to pronounce the name nonwovens correctly. They never knew what was Technical Textiles or Nonwovens and basically we are into Nonwovens, Technical Textiles Industry. The bigger obstacles were there was very little technical expertise available in India at that time. We could not get any information. It was through seminars going to different countries. We visited a lot of countries in ITAMA (Indian Textile Accessories & Manufacturers Association) - different machinery manufacturers - we got in touch with them and knew what was basically Technical Textiles. And when we started with Maruti, we got some information from their departments also from the Engineering Section in what type of products are coming into their original model cars from Japan, from Germany and other countries. That is how we got linked up with this Technical Textile Industry as we went on supplying different parts, different projects were given to us. Even if we didn’t have the knowhow, we were given the knowhow by the departments of the OEMs, that is Hyundai, Maruti and all these companies gave us different types of information at that as to how these products are to be manufactured and what are the technical specifications required. Slowly slowly we gained knowledge in this industry. And then we started getting information from the machinery manufacturers in Germany, in China, in India and other places. So we could start making these different products. Though we had a lot of obstacles, even the machinery we purchased, there were very few technical peoplel who could do maintenance of the machinery as the time went by. 


My advice to young entrepreneur is - please do your homework as to what is Technical Textiles and work for some years in a company manufacturing Technical Textiles and go for joint venture or buy a patented commercialized technology. 


Perseverance, visiting facilities and manufacturing Technical Textile companies, attending Technical Seminar and going for Technical Consultant and Joint ventures.


The crossover between Nonwovens and Technical Textiles is basically laminating two different products like glass fiber with polypropylene or polypropylene mixed with their glass fiber. We make different types of products like Resinated Felt, it’s also a Composite used for insulations where we use chemical, cotton fibers or chain fiber and then we use some satiating fiber and they are then molded to form an insulation, a product used in the dashboard of the car. So these are the different types of products used in the Composite Industry. Similarly in the filters also there are components like melt blown along with polyester fiber. The melt blown is made from the plastic, you know, polymer granules but the insulation or the top layer is of polyester fiber. They are joined together to form an insulate that is used in the technical way in the automobile industry and other industries as an insulation. These are the different type of the part, which are, you can say, crossover between nonwoven, technical textiles and composites. 


It is important and beneficial for the industry to have platforms like Techtextil from Messe Frankfurt in the country, because here we meet different types of manufacturers, different types of foreign participants where we can learn a lot of new innovations in the Textile Industry. With our company’s participation at the Fair, we are displaying a lot of new products so that the customers or our suppliers know that what are the different products we have started manufacturing both currently and in the near future.

Thank you very much!