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Medical Textiles Combating Coronavirus?

31 Jan 2020


Be it a common flu, SARS or the deadly coronavirus – The best way to prevent an infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus. Officials and corporates around the globe are now turning to Medical Textiles as the first step to undertaking preventive measures, under the growing concerns of the noxious coronavirus.

But what are Medical Textiles??

The term medical textiles cover a wide range of products under sanitaisation or medical treatments that we use in our everyday lives such as – Band-Aids, surgical dressings, plasters, diapers, surgical masks, and respirators. Sanitation products such as baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, makeup removal towelettes are also made of “technical textiles”. These fabrics are used to make household wipes, which help keep surfaces clean and disinfected.

But how many of us know that the humble Band-Aid, baby wipes or wound dressing material is nothing but using “textiles” in an innovative fashion for medical treatments and preventions.

How can medical textiles such as “Face-masks” or “surgical gowns” help curb the spread of coronavirus cases?

We know the coronavirus is airborne, and that it can be transmitted between people. Since it's a new strain, there is no specific vaccine that can treat it yet. The simplest preventive measure may be to keep your surroundings sanitised and cover your nose and mouth. Two common types of face-masks are used for this purpose. One is a standard surgical mask – the kind worn by surgeons during operations and which are easily available in medical stores. The second is the N95 Respirator – these facemasks are more commonly used by healthcare providers as they are known to filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

The World Health Organization recommends that all healthcare workers treating people with the virus wear these surgical masks, along with gloves, googles and medical gowns. India has already reported its first case of Coronavirus. Face masks are reportedly surging in demand and being sold at increasing prices across Asia. “Medical Textiles” are therefore already playing a major role both for the healthcare providers and for the health security of masses.

What does this mean for the “MedTech” sector?

The evolution of Med-Tech over the years has already led to Businesses Re-imagining healthcare and here’s how(Read our previous blog on medical textiles here). The ongoing coronavirus scare definitely will lead to a rise in demand for medical textiles, but ongoing advancements in textile technology is what needs to catch up for the industry to grow and gain attention.

It’s not every day that there will a breakthrough product made out of “Technical textiles” that can combat or prevent deadly viruses but the role of the Medical Textiles Industry is being closely watched.

At India’s biggest event trade fair highlighting innovations in technical textiles “Techtextil India”, over 160 companies from 12 countries showcased new product innovations out of which 25 manufacturers focused solely on “Medical Textile” products. The resultant interactions at the three day fair led to many business discussions between textile experts on the way forward for Medical Textiles as an industry.

 A smart combination of textile technology and medical sciences can open doors for industry players and Techtextil India will continue to make way for smart product innovations to enter the market.


The 2021 edition of Techtextil India envisions to create a special zone exactly for such progressive developments and if you have a breakthrough “Medical Textile” product – we want to hear it to show it.