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20 – 22 November 2019, Mumbai

Application areas

Discover the latest product innovations at Techtextil India

Techtextil India poses as a unique platform, delivering innovative ideas to every sector of the industry. With its 12 application areas, the show will help you find your desired products easier and more efficiently.

The 12 pictographs represent where Technical Textiles are found in everyday life. These will also assist you as an orientation aide to find the right supplier of your desired product.

Techtextil application areas are as follows: 


The ear of the wheat is the symbol for cultivation and tilling the soil which stands as a representation for the Agrotech application area. Under this sign you'll find the latest ideas and products for horticulture and landscape gardening, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry*

Target groups: Agricultural engineers, landscape architects, agricultural institutions and large-scale organisations


The house stands for architecture and building and is used as the symbol for the Buildtech application area. Buildtech includes innovations in membrane construction, lightweight and solid structures, civil engineering, industrial construction, temporary constructions, interior construction, earth-works, hydraulic engineering and road construction                                                            and agricultural construction*

Target groups: Architects, construction engineers, building sponsors, investors


The tee-shirt is popular representation all over the world of cloth and its peripherals signifying the Clothtech application area in Technical Textiles. It includes the latest developments in Garments and shoes*


Target groups: Fashion designers, developers, shoe and clothing manufacturers


The dam separates the land from water which is one of the major usages of the Geotech Textiles. Geotech is home to new concepts and products inroad construction, civil engineering, dam and waste site construction*

Target groups: Road and civil engineers, construction companies, public authorities and local government


The armchair represents home design, a fundamental in the Hometech application area. Hometech presents innovative developments in the furniture, upholstery and interior furnishing, rugs, floor*

Target groups: Furniture producers, interior designers, project planners and architects


Gear wheels are a symbol for industry and technology which aptly depicts the Indutech application area. Indutech contains solutions and products for filtration, cleaning, mechanical engineering, chemicals industry and electrical engineering industry*

Target groups: Users, designers, processors from the mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical industries


The adhesive plaster is a symbol for effective medical care which depicts the Medtech application area. Medtech contains the complete range of innovations in the manufacture, processing and application of hygiene and medicine*.

Target groups: Manufacturers of medical supplies, research institutions, hospitals


The tyre is a symbol for mobility and as a description of the Mobiltech application area. Under this sign you will find the latest developments incars, ships, aircraft, railway and space travel*

Target groups: Constructors, designers, engineers, suppliers


Oekotech application area represents Technical Textiles that revolve around the protection of the environment. Oekotech stands for new ideas and interesting concepts in environmental protection, recycling and waste disposal*

Target groups: Environmental protection engineers, safety engineers, employees of environmental protection agencies


The package is a symbol for the global transportation of goods and for the Packtech application area. It includes all significant innovations in the packaging, protective covering systems, sacks, big bags and container systems*

Target groups: Shipping and logistics companies, developers, designers and buyers from industry and the distributive trades


The helmet symbolises effective protection which is the main function of Technical Textiles and Nonwovens in the Protech application area. Under this sign you'll find the latest developments in person and property protection*

Target groups: Safety engineers, manufacturers of protective clothing, safety officers


Trainer sport shoes effectively represent the Sporttech application area which includes new products and ideas from sport and leisure, active wear, outdoor, sports equipment and sports footwear*

Target groups: designers, outfitters and manufacturers of sports articles and outdoor equipment

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