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20 – 22 November 2019, Mumbai

Product groups

Product groups at Techtextil India are:

1. Research & Development

TTI research and development

National & International research institutions
Planning and consulting companies
Research, development, planning

2. Machinery


Manufacturing equipment
Adhesive mixing and application equipment,
Surface treatment technologies
Laminating and coating equipment
Bonding and separating technology
Testing equipment’s
Control and monitoring methods
CAD/CAM Software
Recycling technology
Technical accessories
Membranes & membrane systems

3. Fibres and yarns

Yarns and FIBERS

Man-made fibres
Yarns (man-made)
Monofilaments (man-made)
Flock fibres
Glass fibres, -yarns and -rovings
Glass monofilaments
Metal yarns: general
Other fibres
Fancy yarns
Twisted yarns / Cords
Tapes, strings, cords
Belts, ropes, cordage
Other yarns


4. Fabrics


Textiles made of recycled material
Woven fabrics, laid webs, braiding’s
Knitted fabrics, tapes, belts, nets,
Textile bonding systems
Nonwovens made of man-made Fibres, glass fibers, natural fibers
Tent fabrics
Packaging material, sacking
Tarpaulin fabricsAwning material
Synthetic leather
Reinforcing & Composite textiles
Structural components and moldings
Fiber-reinforced materials
Textile-reinforced plastics or concrete components
Textile sheet products for lamination with solids such as metal, plastic, glass
Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials
Laminating and coating Textiles & materials
Plastics and other hardening masses

5. Functional Textiles & Technology

Functional fabric

Innovative materials
Innovative finishing
Wearable Smart Textiles (with Electronics and/or sensors)
Wearable Smart Textiles (without electronics and/or sensors)
Materials with additional functions
Textiles for future apparel
Wearable electronics
Robotic technology


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