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The 9th edition of Techtextil India will prove to be an ideal destination for technical textile, nonwovens and composite brands! The premium B2B trade fair will allow businesses to explore new opportunitites with buyers from 12 industrial application areas. 

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Exhibitor profile

Display your brand in the epicentre of the technical textiles, nonwovens and composites value chain. 


Research centres and institutions, Universities, technical colleges, professional and training schools, Professional training, Research and Development, strategy planning and consultancy, Planning and consulting companies, Services


Production processes, Finishing technology, Machinery for fabric manufacturing, Knitting Technology, Coating equipment, Laminating and coating equipment, Perforating machines, Embossing machines, Textile finishing, Other machinery and equipments, Control and monitoring methods, Concepts of Circular economy, Recycling technologies, Technical accessories, Laboratory and measuring equipment, Quality assurance, Nanotechnology, Microsystem technology, Making-up technology for industrial fabrics (not for garments), Disposal technology, High frequency welding machines, Technology, processes, accessories: general


Man-made fibres, Yarns (man-made), Monofilaments (man-made), All (man-made), Flock fibres, Glass fibres, -yarns and -rovings, Glass yarns, Glass monofilaments, Glass rovings, Glass, all, Metal yarns: general, Conductive fibres, Conductive yarns, Mineral fibers, Mineral yarns, Natural fibres, Natural yarns, Man-made nature based fibres, Monofilaments, Recycled fibres, Recycled yarns, Recycable yarns, Recycable fibres, Other fibres, Other yarns, Fibres and yarns: general


Fabrics made of man-made fibres, Fabrics made of glass fibres, Fabrics made of natural fibres, Fabrics made of other fibres, Laid webs made of man-made fibres, Laid webs made of glass fibres, Laid webs made of natural fibres, Laid webs made of other fibres, Braidings made of man-made fibres, Braidings made of glass fibres, Braidings made of natural fibres, Braidings made of other fibres, Knitted fabrics made of man-made fibres, Knitted fabrics made of glass fibres, Knitted fabrics made of natural fibres, Knitted fabrics made of other fibres, Tapes, strings, cords: general, Belts, ropes, cordage: general, Nets: general, Textile bonding systems: general, Membranes: general, Multi-Layered composites: general, Smart Textiles (Textiles used in or with electronics and sensors): general, Textiles made of recycled material, Woven fabrics, laid webs, braidings, knitted fabrics, tapes, belts, nets, textile bonding systems: general


Nonwovens made of man-made fibres, Nonwovens made of glass fibres, Nonwovens made of natural fibres, Nonwovens made of other fibres, Nonwovens: general


Coated textiles, Laminated textiles, Tent fabrics, Packaging materials, sacking, Tarpaulin fabrics, Awning material, End-product manufacturing, making up, Accessories, Synthetic leather, Coated textiles: general


Reinforcing textiles, Composite textiles, Prepregs, Structural components and mouldings, Fibre-reinforced materials, Membrane systems, Films and sheeting, Textile-reinforced plastics or concrete components, pipes and containers, Textile sheet products for lamination with solids such as metal, plastic, glass, Composites: general


Finishing processes, Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials, Laminating and coating materials, Raw materials and additives, Application processing, Material pretreatment, Plastics and other hardening masses, Adhesive mixing and application equipment, robot technology, Surface treatment technologies, Plasma treatment, Flocking, Bondtec: general


New materials, New finishing, Membranes, Wearable Smart Textiles (with electronics and/or sensors), Wearable Smart Textiles (without electronics and/or sensors), Materials with additional functions, Textiles for future apparel, Textiles with medical/cosmetic qualities (wearable skincare, cosmetotextiles), Textiles for professional and protective clothing, Textiles for sport and active wear, Coated apparel textiles, Finishing, Functionalisation, Nanotechnology, Microsystems technology, Wearable electronics, Optical technologies, Information- / Communication technology, Testing technology and -process, Apparel concepts, Design, Prototypes, Interdisciplinary cooperation, New strategies for marketing, Other services, Functional apparel technologies: general, Functional apparel textiles: general

Participation fees

Standard package (min 12 sqm)
€ 290 / ₹ 15,700 + 18% GST
Raw space (min 21 sqm)
€ 260 / ₹ 14,700 + 18% GST

Read the show reviews

We are participating for the second time at Techtextil India. It’s a good platform to meet people from the industry. I have met relevant buyers here. I materialized a few business deals at the last edition and this current edition is looking good as well. I will absolutely like to participate in another edition.

We have had quality buyer interactions that goes beyond just machinery talk and how we can support our customers in their growing demand. We met segments like geotextiles reinforcements, wind industry, a growing industry in India and road reinforcements which is under the Government of India. We will definitely like to exhibit in another edition.

I am visiting Techtextil India to see machinery suppliers and products related to technical textiles. This is my first visit and I am looking for industrial fabrics. I met brands like Dilo, ATE Enterprises amongst many others. Techtextil India is a good platform as we can see the product here and even gain technical knowledge. I will surely like to visit another edition.

I met brands like Pashupati, Geosource, Yamuna etc. I will like to see more focused segments like geotextiles and medical textiles. I will like to visit another edition.